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My TaleGator only weighs 6 pounds and I can take it off and put it on easily whenever I need to haul heavy construction equipment. And now I have lunch for two comfortably on my tailgate.

Tim - The Contractor
Clarkson, MI

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The Family

Commercial shoot...
Ron Knoch, Business Director &
Keith Leigh-Monstevens, President of Tale-Gator
at the DHRA 3 June 2007.

Claire Leigh-Monstevens and Frank Mills at the DHRA meeting in Indianapolis.

Photos of the Official Truck

TaleGator Truck with TLGATOR License plate.
Side view of the Dodge Dakota "Gatormobile".

Picture showing a standard bedliner.
Picture showing a standard bedliner
with TaleGator installed.

Black TaleGator installed on the "Gator Truck".
View of Realtree TaleGator installed on
the TaleGator Truck.

The Talegator Logo looks good on a black truck.
The second official Talegator Truck with 
TALEG8R plate .

More Fun

"Softer than a Saddle"

    TaleGator friends - Anne and Steve Coker from South Carolina purchased a Talegator for their Chevrolet S10 truck.

Enjoying the talegator in between rides is their niece Anna with her purple cowgirl boots on, holding her horse "Daisy" and their daughter Mikayla holding her horse "Breezy".

Try to find yourself...

Try to find yourself in these pictures from the Chicago Auto Show...

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Try to find yourself...


Check out the pictures from the show...Go there now!

Talegator was exhibiting at the Diesel Hot Rod Association (DHRA) 2007 Indiana Diesel Nationals, presented by DieselPower! Diesel Additives.

Go there now...The 2007 DHRA Indiana Diesel Nationals, was presented by DieselPower! Diesel additives, took place at Oreilly Raceway Park (ORP) in Indianapolis, Indiana, over the weekend of June 2 and 3, 2007.

Check out the pictures from the show...Go there now!



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